Ruth O’Callaghan has five collections of poetry, holds the prestigious Hawthornden Fellowship has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and was awarded a gold medal for her poetry at the XXX World Congress of Poets in Taiwan. Her work is much anthologised and translated into many languages including Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Mongolian, Hungarian and Romanian. She has been invited to read in countries throughout Asia, Europe, and the USA. In America she has completed two successful TV, radio and reading tours where her audiences ranged from approximately one thousand to those on a buffalo farm where the buffalo outnumbered the poets. A sponsored visit to Mongolia by the Arts Council allowed her to collaborate with Mongolian women poets resulting in a book and a CD.

As a mentor and workshop leader, both in the U.K and abroad, she works with experienced poets to enable them to approach their poetry with a new perspective and with novice poets to achieve a first collection. She has interviewed some of the most eminent women poets throughout the world – these will be compiled into a book Leave Yourself Alone to be published in 2015. A critical reviewer and an international competition adjudicator she is also a judge for the Koestler Poetry Prizes which are awarded to successful poets who are also inmates of the penal institutions in the UK.

Ruth is an editor who hosts two poetry venues in London where both the famous and unknown read side by side. The revenue from these events funds approximately 65-70% of the money necessary to support three separate Cold Weather Shelters for the Homeless thus making poetry a practical as well as a purely creative pursuit. She is also the poet for Strandlines, a community, multi-disciplinary project run under the auspices of Kings College, University of London.

An Unfinished Sufficiency (Salmon – to be published in 2015)
The Silence Unheard (Shoestring 2013, reprinted 2014)
Another Morning of Quiet Pleasures (Soaring Penguin 2013, reprinted 2014)
Goater’s Alley (Shoestring 2010: reprinted 2010, 2011)
A Lope of Time (Shoestring 2009: reprinted 2011, 2012)
Where Acid Has Etched (bluechrome 2007)

Leave Yourself Alone! (Soaring Penguin – to be published in 2015)

Other (Selected)
Dan Verona Selected Poems/Poeme alese, Parrallel Texts 2011
Contemporary Literature Press, Bucurest
Echoes From the Steppe (Editor) Soaring Penguin 2010
A Patch of White Mist, Academy of Culture and Poetry (Mongolia) 2010
Isle o the Deid, Malfranteaux Concepts 2010

Echoes From The Steppe 2009
And The Story So Far 2009

Magazines include (but not necessarily limited to):
Acumen, Agenda, Aireings, Ambit, Artemis, Brand, Brittle Star, Critical Survey, Dream Catcher, Envoi, Equinox, French Literary Review, Gunu, (Mongolia) Honest Ulsterman, International Poetry Notebook, Interpreter’s House, Magma, Markings, Mobius (USA) Obsessed With Pipework, Orbis, Other Poetry, Poetry London, Poetry on the Lake, Poetry Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Quattrocento, Saw, Seam, South, Stand, Staple, Tears in the Fence, The London Magazine, The Shop, Tears in the Fence.